Welcome to Maharashtra.

 A land whose sheer size and diversity will stun you. Enjoy Mountains that stretch out into the mists as far as the eye can see. its innumerous forts that stand proud and strong. its scores of temples, sculpted into and out of basalt rock.

its diverse and colourful cultures, woven into one gigantic quilt. its festivals that galvanise the sleepy thousands into fervent motion. And her miles of silver, white beaches, stretched taut and inviting over the entire coast. Welcome aboard a travel package that gives you a glimpse into this vibrant and beautiful land.

Maharashtra literally means the “Great State” or “Great Nation”. The name is believed to have been originated perhaps from the word Rathi, which means “Chariot driver” and “builders of chariot” who were called as “Maharathis” or “Fighting Force”. Known for its amazing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Maharashtra is one of the most industrialised states of India. Some of the prime cities of Maharashtra include Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Shirdi, and Kolhapur.

Welcome to Maharashtra. A land untouched, unsullied, unlimited.

Places in Maharashtra

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